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Enough Already! The Book $14.95

Learn to get as stay sober without formal rehab! live drug free: how one man’s life experience is leading others out of addiction

Enough Already! is an easy read that educates alcoholics and addicts on precisely what to do to get and stay sober. After learning about the disease of alcoholism/addiction and time-tested tools of recovery, the reader is introduced to relapse prevention strategies, the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step programs, and coping skills to deal with uncomfortable emotions that often lead to drug use. This is followed by specific instructions on how to get started in recovery and a final chapter entitled “The Miracle.”

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 DVD_sm4Craving & Relapse – The DVD  $139.95

“Craving and Relapse” was filmed in front of a live audience at Cal State University in Long Beach. This video, based on the time-tested Gorski Model of relapse prevention, captures all the energy and enthusiasm of the talk Bob’s been doing in universities, treatment programs, and conferences for over 20 years! Over this time, the talk has been refined to effectively educate patients in treatment centers on the set-up behaviors and trigger events which set alcoholics and addicts up for the craving cycle. Consistent feedback regarding the usefulness of this information in treating addictions has inspired him to have it filmed so that others in treatment programs might benefit.

Streamable Video $139.95

 Ingredients for RecoveryIngredients for Recovery – The DVD $139.95

Given the chronicity of addiction and the temporary nature of formal treatment, it is essential that clients learn how to maintain recovery after discharge. Additionally, many people needing treatment are not able to access it and don’t know where to turn. This DVD addresses both of these issues.
After briefly discussing the disease model and identifying the common symptoms of addiction, Bob provides simple and specific instructions on how to utilize 12-step programs in building and maintaining long-term recovery. Viewers are also aided in leaping any hurdles of resistance by addressing the common myths and difficulties about utilizing such programs.

Streamable Video $139.95

 Ingredients for Recovery DVDIngredients for Recovery (SBIRT Version) – The DVD $139.95

Hospitals, trauma centers and other health care settings have an increasing responsibility to use Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) to evaluate clients for alcohol and other substance abuse. There is a need for practical and cost-effective resources that can be readily available at any teachable moment. The Ingredients for Recovery resource is a tool that can help provide this information effectively to achieve this goal. Read More

Streamable Video $139.95

 Coping With Emotions: AngerCoping with Emotions: Anger – The DVD $139.95

Learning to cope with anger is vital in recovery. Unprocessed anger, which often leads to resentment, is a leading cause of relapse. Following a brief education on important aspects of anger and resentment, this presentation introduces viewers to a variety of practical anger management tools. Viewers also learn which of these tools can be used to calm rageful anger, clearing the way to use other tools to process and uncover its true source.

Streamable Video $139.95

 DVD_sm4Coping with Emotions: Shame – The DVD $139.95

In this emotional and thought-provoking presentation, Bob provides recovering addicts and alcoholics essential tools to begin “mastering” shame and taming the “Shame Monster.” Along with identifying roots of shame, he addresses the use of treatment groups and outside sober peers to process and challenge shame while gaining support to cope with it.

Streamable Version $139.95

 DVD_sm4Coping with Emotions: Building Self-Esteem – The DVD $139.95

In this revealing presentation, Bob defines self-esteem, illustrates its common roots in people’s lives, and describes the tendency to seek positive regard from one’s environment when it is unattainable from within. He then provides proven self-esteem building techniques that counteract this seemingly hard-wired state. Practical application of these techniques is also provided, teaching viewers they can derive good feelings about themselves from within.

Streamable Video $139.95

DVD_sm4Coping with Emotions: Grief – The DVD $139.95

Using an analysis of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief, in this DVD Bob describes the path from denial to acceptance regarding loss in general, and the loss experienced when the addicted must say good-bye to their drug of choice.

Bonus Segment – Fear: “Turning it Over”  Bob discusses the power of fear that keeps addicts and alcoholics wrapped in their addiction. Tools and methods are presented that can be utilized to break the bondage of fear. This talk has the added benefit of providing hope and guidance for those struggling with the idea of a Higher Power.

Streamable Video $139.95

spanish_sm2¡Basta Ya! – El Libro

¡Basta Ya! es un libro que te agradará leer, el cual educa a las personas alcohólicas y adictas sobre lo que es preciso hacer para obtener la sobriedad y conservarla. Después que el lector aprende sobre la enfermedad del alcoholismo y de la adicción, además de las herramientas para la recuperación que a lo largo de los años han resultado ser efectivas, se le presentan las estrategias para prevenir las recaídas: los Doce Pasos de Alcohólicos Anónimos y otros Programas de los Doce Pasos, junto con algunas destrezas para saber manejar las emociones incómodas que a menudo abocan hacia el consumo de las drogas y el alcohol. A esto le siguen instrucciones específicas sobre cómo iniciar la recuperación y un último capítulo inspirador titulado “El Milagro”


Sobriety Checklist $29.95

100 Page Sobriety Checklist Pack