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Teaching Emotional Resilience

(Originally published in The Counselor Magazine – June 2020) If addicts and alcoholics use chemicals to avoid uncomfortable emotions, teaching them to feel and tolerate such emotion should be seen as primary in chemical dependence (CD) treatment.  The goal for this article is to prompt increased focus on this objective and suggest a model by […]

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“90 meetings in 90 days? – That sounds like every day!”

If you have made a decision that you might benefit from stopping drinking or using addictive substances, and are considering the 12 step programs as a potential solution to your problem, I must say from personal experience you are definitely barking up the right tree.  I made the same decision 20 years ago and have […]

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Am I crazy? Try 12 step Program

No Insurance?  A 12 Step Program is free! Given that alcohol and drug addiction is multi-billion dollar a year issue (healthcare, incarceration, etc.), that one in ten alcoholics ever get help, and that two in ten alcoholics who seek help ever get it (availability issue), we have a huge problem in this country that can […]

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Craving & Relapse video

Bob discusses the difficulty that alcoholics and addicts have accessing treatment if they have no insurance or can’t otherwise afford it, and that the reason he wrote his book “Enough Already!: A Guide to Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addiction was so those who need help can learn how to get it using the free […]