Coping with Emotions: Grief

Coping with Emotions: Grief - the DVD
Coping with Emotions: Grief - the DVD
Feeling, tolerating and working through uncomfortable emotions is vital in recovery from addiction. The goal of the Coping with Emotions series is to educate and provide viewers recovery tools to aid in coping with these emotions.

Grief: Using an analysis of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief, in this DVD Bob describes the path from denial to acceptance regarding loss in general, and the loss experienced when the addicted must say good-bye to their drug of choice.

Bonus Segment – Fear: “Turning it Over”  Bob discusses the power of fear that keeps addicts and alcoholics wrapped in their addiction. Tools and methods are presented that can be utilized to break the bondage of fear. This talk has the added benefit of providing hope and guidance for those struggling with the idea of a Higher Power.