Find Drug Addiction Help with 2 minute drill

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This tool is for anyone who answers inquiry calls for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction when the caller cannot afford treatment.  Rather than providing “empty” referrals to county-funded programs (with waiting lists upwards of a month), and/or to 12-step programs (with little, if any, instruction on how to work such a program), this brief intervention provides enough information for people to actually get started in recovery, and offers quick drug addiction help.  Once the usual referrals to county-funded programs and to 12-step meetings are provided, please provide the following additional information…

Two-Minute Drill

Instruct the caller to:

  1. Grab a pen and piece of paper so you can provide them additional instructions.

  2. Ask if they are willing to go to a meeting tonight or tomorrow and provide them a referral to a particular meeting (all personnel who answer the phones should have a meeting directory handy.)

These are the additional instructions for the caller to write down:

  • Go to the meeting
  • Get a meeting directory at the meeting
  • Use the directory to plan the next week of meetings (go to meetings every day – or to at least 4 to 5 weekly.)
  • Make at least one phone call daily (get a phone list and also phone numbers of people you meet at the meetings)
  • Purchase a “Big Book” – the basic text of the meeting you attend (read a little every night.)
  • Get a “welcome chip” at the meeting when they offer it
  • Share at a meeting as soon a possible (introduce yourself to the meeting stating you are new and need help staying sober.)

Be sure to provide a detox warning: that discontinuing certain drugs including, but not limited to, alcohol, benzodiazapines, barbiturates, GHB, and some of the newer designer drugs can be fatal if not under the care of a physician.  If they are considering discontinuing such drugs, they should present to an emergency room if withdrawal symptoms appear.

(Please distribute to all intake staff if you find this helpful – a link for a printable version can be found near the top left of this page.)

Enough Already
Enough Already
Learning to live drug free: how one man’s life experience is leading others out of addiction
Craving and Relapse - the DVD
Craving and Relapse - the DVD
Learning to live drug free: how one man’s life experience is leading others out of addiction