Media Highlights

Most people can tell you what a trigger is and can provide examples of triggers, but very few can tell you what makes a trigger a trigger. In fact, many in our profession will teach patients how to identify triggers, but do not explain the mechanics behind it. If we don’t know what makes a trigger a trigger, the only thing we can teach patients to do is to avoid them. Now, how much success do you think our patients will have avoiding triggers living in this society which is permeated by alcohol and drugs?  Probably not very much!  Therefore, it is essential that we are knowledgeable about how a trigger actually becomes a trigger so we can teach our patients how to recover from triggers? You might ask yourself: “Recover from triggers?”  Yes, recover from triggers and we’ll get to that in a moment.  But first, let’s explore the etiology of triggers so we can get a clue about how to teach patients to recover from them.

Bob was interviewed at the Today Show on 03/09/2011 regarding the Charlie Sheen story. Pretty sad to see Charlie so messed up but it should be a reminder that the disease will take us if left untreated!