Addiction Private Practice

Modality: Individual Counseling (Skype counseling also available)

(Group Counseling may also be formed with enough interest)

This practice is ideal for people who are struggling with addiction and prefer to get weekly individual counseling instead of formal rehab. It is also indicated for those who have completed formal rehab and are building sober support (especially if the rehab was out of their area.) Counseling is typically combined with 12-step or other mutual support group attendance.


  • Tools of Recovery
    Clients are taught the tools of addiction recovery and, utilizing the Sobriety Checklist from our EVVY Award-winning Book, Enough Already!: A Guide to Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addiction, progress on incorporating such tools in daily living is encouraged and tracked.
  • Relapse Prevention
    Our Craving and Relapse DVD, which draws from Terence Gorki’s model of relapse prevention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies is being shown in over 1,000 treatment programs across the country. Clients are taught to minimize craving by identifying their physical, psychological, and social set-up behaviors, while learning about their personal relapse triggers and beginning the trigger recovery process.
  • Emotional Coping
    Given that alcoholics and addicts run from uncomfortable emotion (i.e. shame, anger, grief, fear, boredom) by drinking and using, they need to be taught how to use the common tools of recovery to cope with emotions without using. Specific techniques to build self-esteem are also taught.
  • Building Sober Support
    Years of experience in this profession have taught me that the single most effective tool when experiencing craving is talking to another recovering alcoholic or addict. Whether clients are resistant to 12-step programs or not, clients are met where they are at as we work toward building such sober support.
  • Skype
    When face-to-face counseling is not possible, either due to scheduling or because of distance, Skype counseling is a viable and effective alternative, as long as the motivation for help is high.

Indicated referrals:

From treatment programs: An appropriate referral to this practice would be a person who is not quite ready to enter formal rehab at an IOP or higher level of care or can’t afford the expense. If this level of care proves to not be enough, every effort will be made to return the client back to the referring program.

From therapists: An appropriate referral to this practice would be a client whose alcohol or drug addiction is compromising the therapeutic process. Such a client would be introduced and encouraged into recovery utilizing our Sobriety Checklist prior to being referred back to the therapy practice. Client will typically be referred back after 4 weeks given the patient has progressed well in recovery.


  • $100 per individual session (a % of practice will be set aside for sliding scale)
  • $40 per group session (upon availability)

Location: Long Beach (Long Beach Blvd near the 405 freeway)


(714) 981-9096